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"If you want to be wildly successful in business, serve your customer better than anyone else can or will."
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Just your customer support taken care of each day by a team that cares about making your business successful.

  • Answer Support EmailsAnswer your customer support requests in 24 hours or less Monday - Friday like they were our own.
  • Document ProcessesDocument your customer support processes, we can also document your software!
  • Find Support TrendsIdentify trends and key issue from customers. Letting you know about them so we can work together to improve the processes.
  • Full Support CoverageWork as a customer support team. That means we cover each others vacations and sick days. To bring you amazing customer support every business day.
  • We do all this at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in house customer support team. Yep, that is it. No fancy marketing lingo.
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"I am sick to the back teeth of customer service bots, Amazon being the worst of all"
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Work on your business, not in your business!

Let real people handle the support needs of your startup, no bots here 📬.

Your Support!

Get to know an amazing group of People on a mission to make a difference.

Lundin MatthewsCo-Founder
Based in North Carolina, and having over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience across multiple domains, I'm ready to help scale your customer service needs.
Lyric SchusterCo-Founder
Ready to take your teams customer service to the next level, with over 10 years of technical skills and operations background that will help ensure success.

You still have questions?

Our answers to your most common questions!

So who is actually going to answer my support emails?

Scroll up and see those smiling faces? That's us! No bots, no AI, no outsourcing. Just some fun, hard-working humans responding to emails. During onboarding, you'll have a team of two from the Hey Foster staff assigned to your account. Your Hey Foster team will work alongside you to build the best customer support experience for your customers. Your team will handle your inbox day to day. We will cover each other for vacations, sick days, and anything else unexpected that comes up.

How long does the onboarding process take?

We work to bring value as soon as we can for every customer. The first week (no payment due for first 7 days) is orientation. We'll get access to your support systems, observe your common support questions, and start on internal documentation. By the end of orientation week we expect to have 3 - 5 support scenarios we can handle. The following week (first payment due) we will start replying to support request for those scenarios and continue building your documentation. After two weeks we usually have 5 - 10 scenarios handled. We'll continue the process of learning and documenting for the following weeks. On most accounts we are pretty independent after four weeks on average.

Do I need special software?

You do need to have a custom support inbox management system. We don't require a specific one, it can be any of the ones currently on the market or one that you developed internally. We currently support clients using Fernand, Crisp, Gorgias, HelpScout, Missive, Front, and more. Don't have one set up yet? No problem! We are happy to make a recommendation and assist with setup.

Do you do live chat or phone calls?

Hey! We love talking to people. Truly. However, we are not able to support live chats or inbound phone calls as part of our support contracts at this time. In order to provide the best service experience possible, we decided it's just not for us. However, we can suggest some really great bots and integrations that could support live chats - while we are watching that inbox for you and responding within 24 hours.

Do you work weekends and holidays?

We provide coverage on all business days (Monday - Friday). We don't work weekends or holidays to give our team time to rest and recharge so we can tackle the inbox during the week. Hey Foster Support Holidays are all US Federal Holidays, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas Eve to New Years Day. We'll work with you to provide an automated message in your inbox if appropriate for your business.

Who owns the documentation that Hey Foster creates?

It's yours. You will always have access to the internal documentation we create. If you end up cancelling for any reason you can take it all with you. We don't need it 🤷‍♂️. We will keep it live in our shared documents for up to 30 days to give you some time to migrate.

What if Hey Foster doesn't know the answer for a customer request?

With each business we work to define a custom escalation policy. The steps laid out in the escalation policy are exactly what we will follow in case something new comes in that we cannot answer. Define an escalation policy that works best for you and don't worry we can always update it if things change on your side.

What if I decide to cancel?

We get it, things change. Our policy is simple, if you decided to cancel just let us know the last day you would like to use our services. No lengthy notification timeline or cancellation fees. We'll provide you a prorated refund for the unused days. No questions asked though we would love feedback on how we can improve!